Keister Equipment Repair Service Reservation

The busy season is still in full swing!

We are winding up the crazy busy season but space is always at a premium. We currently have about a 10-14day wait list and ask that you please hold your equipment until we are ready to perform the work requested. Simply click the Check Mark below to complete the Online Reservation Form!

We will give you a call when we are getting close to your ticket number and will ask you to bring your equipment in at that time. Please be patient, 14+ days is an estimate and it may take just a few days longer but we promise to call you as soon as we are ready!

Save Your Spot!

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NOTE: Machines that have been unused for an extended period of time are considered restoration projects and will not be accepted for repair during this most busy season. If the machine has been sitting or is in pieces, please call and speak with us. We would hate for you to wait in the queue only to find out we cannot work on your equipment at this time. We reserve the right to turn equipment away at time of drop off if the necessary work is not accurately described on reservation form.