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Making life easier to get outside

American LandMaster has a rich history in the off-road vehicle manufacturing industry. And we are proud to be your Johnson County American LandMaster dealer.

Since our footprint is small, we will have a limited number of machines ready to go home today. But know we can always order the UTV or Kart that is best suited for your need and budget.

So come on in, kick the tires, take one for a spin around the lot, we are confident we’ll put a smile on your face.

2wd Units

Do you need a UTV suited for work around the yard or garden? Are you hauling hay and fresh water to the back pasture? Are you looking for something fun to drive around the lake this summer? The 2WD UTV may be perfect for what you need.

LandStar 350

American Landmaster UTV 350 Keister Equipment RepairYou’ve got things to do. Whether it’s upkeep on your garden or going for an evening drive around the lake, the LandStar 350 delivers all the functionality you need, in an easy-to-maintain platform that will keep you doing the things you enjoy, not bogged down with vehicle maintenance or mechanic’s bills.

Don’t be fooled by the entry-level price tag, the LandStar 350 is a capable utility vehicle, with a durable all-steel frame, and a weatherproof structural foam poly dump bed. Let American LandMaster make your yardwork more painless, make your leisure more enjoyable, and make your life easier.

MSRP: $5,299

Available in Red | Green | White | Black | Camo*

LandStar 477V

American Landmaster UTV 477 Keister Equipment RepairThe power of a V-twin engine, rugged durability of an all-steel frame, and freedom to challenge the elements with a locking rear differential make the LS477V an absolute monster when it comes to getting things done. From the feedlot, to the back 40 and everywhere in between, the LS477V delivers.

If the LS477V can handle mucking stalls, hauling hay, and running fence, what do you need done that it can’t do? Whether you’re looking for a UTV for horse owners or not, the LS477V has a spot in your stable of property management tools.

MSRP: $6,999

Available in Red | Green | White | Black | Camo*


4wd Units

Tough terrain, heavy loads, or both, sometimes you need the power and peace of mind that only four-wheel drive can offer.

Equipment never breaks down near the shop, and deer are found in the roughest part of the woods. The Landstar 4WD UTVs give you the durability and reliability you need to get the job done.


American Landmaster UTV 550 Keister Equipment Repair

The LandStar LS550 EPS is a machine designed for easy maneuverability over the rough terrain you frequent. As one of the most affordable 4WD UTVs on the market, the LS550EPS allows you to steer easily and get where you need to go.

Powered by the Vanguard 479cc engine, the LS550EPS is easy to maintain, ensuring you spend more time getting work done, than working on your machine. Put this affordable, American-built UTV to work for you, without breaking the bank.

MSRP: $8,099

Available in Red | Green | White | Black | Camo*


Fun Karts

Looking for some extra thrill this year? Get a fun kart. Not to mention the kids and grand kids will love your new toy!

Black Widow

American Landmaster Black Widow Kart Keister Equipment RepairA thrilling good time with speeds up to 24mph. This fun kart is perfect for the grandchildren. Small, fun and safe for all ages over 13.

MSRP: $1,399 *




American Landmaster Marauder Kart Keister Equipment RepairIf you’re looking to share memories with the family, you’ve found the right toy! Perfect for all ages over 13. The fun kart is slightly larger than our Black Widow model but still maintains a moderate speed of 24mph.

MSRP: $1,999 *





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* RealTree® camo is available for an additional charge.
Base models include top and folding windshield. Optional accessories may be shown. MSRP does not include dealer setup, optional accessories, and destination fees.