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You shouldn’t buy a zero turn mower if….

Throwing money away

Posted by on June 27, 2018

…. your budget fits a model sold at Lowes or Home Depot.

Stick with me here.

We completely understand why you want to buy a zero turn. They are fun to use. They leave a beautiful cut in the lawn. They allow you to get around all of the obstacles in your yard with ease. They are typically faster than your old garden tractor. And they are fun (yep, the fun part is worth repeating.)

So you walk into a big box store and look over the few options they offer. With a residential yard of an acre or less, you’ll likely be steered toward the model that averages around $2600. There is a lot of plastic on the outside of the mower but the frame looks solid and has a shiny paint job. But most importantly it fits your budget so you proudly head to the customer service counter to complete the purchase.

⊗  But do you know the features and functions you are getting (or not getting)?

⊗  Do you know what the warranty covers (or doesn’t cover)?

⊗  Did you ask what material the mechanical parts are made of (i.e.- metal vs. plastic)?

⊗  Have you researched customer reviews on the machine? And not just what is published on the store’s website?

Expired Warranty




Machines made specifically for the big box stores are designed to be cheap. Cheap to make, cheap to assemble, easy to sell…. but very expensive to repair when the warranty expires.




If your budget is $2600, we highly suggest you wait a year. Save a bit more. Or finance a portion of the mower if you desperately need one this season.

As a local shop that backs the machines we sell, we want happy customers. Not mad/sad customers that are having constant (and expensive) issues with their machines. By adding just $1200 to the purchase price, you have put yourself into an entirely new category of mower. One that is built of solid stamped steel. With independent pumps and wheel motors that are designed to be serviced and repaired individually. That doesn’t have a lick of plastic on it but for a knob or two. That was made in the USA by skilled craftsmen.

By investing in a machine that was designed to last years past the warranty, you are maximizing your investment and putting your money towards quality versus convenience.


So, don’t buy a zero turn this year. But when you are ready, come see us and we’ll make sure you find the machine that is perfectly designed for your yard, your need, and your budget. We promise you’ll never regret investing in a machine that is deserving of your hard-earned money.


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