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Ed Becker Owes $1084.90

Posted by on May 30, 2018

It’s been 365 days since Edward L Becker swindled Keister Equipment Repair. We’ve posted about this before, high level, but let’s use this anniversary to dig into the details.

Ed Becker owns a 2008 Dixie Chopper zero turn mower. The mower was expensive at the time. The mower is expensive to fix. Ed Becker is rough on his equipment.

In April 2017, Ed Becker asked his employee, Julie, to set up a service appointment for his mower to address an electrical/charging issue. The service queue was backed out 4 weeks at that time so it wasn’t until May 17th that we notified Julie that we were ready to see the machine in the shop. Julie signed the work ticket authorizing all necessary work to be performed.

The machine was dropped off by another representative of Ed’s, a man named Vernon, on May 18th. At that time, the service ticket was amended to include addressing an issue with the right front caster wheel assembly. Between 5/19 and 5/26, Julie called daily for an update to pass along to Ed. She was informed that the electrical work was completed. That a new battery was installed. That electrical wiring had to be replaced. That we were waiting on a new wheel assembly from Dixie Chopper.

On Tuesday May 30th, we completed work on the machine by installing the new wheel assembly and Julie was notified that the machine was ready for pick up.

Later this same day, Julie arrived and paid the bill, $989.90, via a business check from Tire Services, Inc. doing business as Tire City of Olathe and Tire City of Independence. Saved surveillance video footage shows Julie leaving the shop with an invoice that detailed all work performed. Additional footage shows the Dixie Chopper mower, in perfect operating condition, driving out of camera view to the place where she parked her truck and trailer.

The following day, May 31st, Ed Becker asks Julie to call the shop and ask for his old battery back. It was explained to Julie that the battery was given back to O’Reillys when we acquired the new battery in order to avoid paying for, and passing along, core charge fee. This purchase had taken place the day after the mower arrived in-shop, May 19th, when we first began working on the machine. We didn’t have the battery to give back. It was fried. It was dead. There is no logical reason anyone would save this battery.

A few minutes later, Ed Becker called the shop and demanded that we retrieve his battery for him. Again, we explained that we didn’t have it to give back.

Ed Becker stopped payment on the business check. Ed Becker doesn’t like to be told no.

After working with The City of Merriam’s police department, who charged Ed Becker with Theft of Service, it was decided in September that we would need to pursue restitution through small claims court.

On October 8th, someone working for Ed Becker called to let us know where the mower was located and that it would be used to mow the grass that day. It would seem that Ed Becker has enemies within his own camp. We got video footage of the machine operating as intended on this date.

In preparing for our day in court, we found dozens upon dozens of other businesses and individuals that have sued Ed Becker in both Johnson and Jackson County. Leavenworth and Wyandotte counties do not have online open court records but I’d bet money there are additional cases there.

Edward L Becker Johnson County Kansas Edward L Becker Jackson County MIssouri






On November 30th, 2017, a judge in Johnson County civil court awarded Keister Equipment Repair full judgment against Ed Becker. During this hearing, Ed Becker claimed that we did unauthorized work. That we dummied up the work ticket and forged signatures. That we stole property from him. Reading the business reviews for Tire City on both Facebook and Google, I think this is a tactic he’s quite familiar with. He also made up a fictitious repair facility claiming that he had to have additional work done on the machine to fix our shoddy repair work. Let me repeat that—he made up a invoice on his home computer from a make-believe repair facility and presented this in court as evidence.

Judgment for the plaintiff: $989.90 original bill + $11 bank service charge for reversed check + $84 in court filing fees = $1084.90

Small Claims Judgment Edward L Becker








In attempting to receive restitution from Ed Becker, we have learned that hiding your assets behind corporations is a thing. You can use your own judgment and opinion on what type of person needs to do this.

Ed Becker received, via certified mail, a document requiring him to detail financial holdings. Ed Becker did not complete the paperwork. So back to court we go.

On February 28th, Ed Becker was required to complete the financial disclosure documents. Ed Becker claimed that he didn’t have any money to pay his bill. He claimed that he gets paid one time per year from his business, Tire Services Inc. in the amount of $18,000 per year. Ed Becker owns a horse farm in Shawnee. Ed Becker owns Tire Services Inc. d/b/a Tire City of Olathe and Tire City of Independence. Ed Becker owns property in Leavenworth County. As we are walking out of the court room, Ed Becker tells me that I’m never going to see a penny of the money owed to me. I reply that my only consolation is that I’ve caused him to incur attorney fees, hopefully close to the original amount owed to us. Ed Becker looked me straight in the eye and said “I can afford it, I’m a rich man.” Rich, indeed.

It is our opinion that Ed Becker did all of this with the express intent of canceling payment on that check after receiving $1000 worth of repairs to his mower. It is our opinion that Ed Becker is a shyster. A swindler. A thief. It is also our opinion that Ed Becker should not be rewarded with any of your hard earned money. If you agree, please feel free to share and warn your friends and family against Ed Becker and his businesses.

Oh, Ed Becker still hasn’t paid the money owed to Keister Equipment Repair.