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Give a clap for a GrassFlap

GrassFlap Operator Controlled Discharge Chute

Posted by on September 27, 2018

We’ve all been there….blowing cut grass into your flower bed. Where weeds find a happy home.

So you design your mowing paths around the yard, circling one way and then the other in an effort to avoid the grass discharge going where you don’t want it. If you are a home owner, this is annoying and causes the chore to last longer. If you are a commercial cutter, this is time and money.

We can now outfit almost every mower out there with an Operator Controlled Discharge Chute, made by GrassFlap.

At the press of a pedal or flick of a hand lever, you can close the discharge chute as you maneuver around areas where you do not want to discharge the clippings.

Check out the GrassFlap OCDC installed on a 2018 Bob-Cat QuickCat stander!


If you’d like to see if a GrassFlap OCDC will work on your machine, bring it in and we’ll have a look! Only $299 plus installation fee.