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Keister Equipment Repair Service Reservation

During our busy season, you will need to complete the Reservation Form for RIDE-ON MOWERS

There is no need to complete a reservation for Push Mowers or Handheld Equipment—simply bring those in during business hours.

  • The Service Queue is running about 14 days right now for Reservation pieces.
  • As your ticket is coming up, we’ll give you a call and give you the go-ahead to bring in your machine.
  • If Pick Up is needed, we’ll arrange a time during that phone call.
  • Once we call, you will have the next few days to bring the machine in before we must move past you in the queue.
  • Thanks!!

Save Your Spot!

Keister Equipment Repair Call To Action Save Your Spot

** We do our best to keep this updated but building storage capacity can be reached very quickly as customers bring in equipment.

NOTE: Machines that have been unused for an extended period of time are considered restoration projects and will not be accepted for repair during this most busy season. If the machine has been sitting or is in pieces, please call and speak with us. We would hate for you to wait in the queue only to find out we cannot work on your equipment at this time. We reserve the right to turn equipment away at time of drop off if the necessary work is not accurately described on reservation form.