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Ed Becker Shawnee KS Horse Show


Another One Bites the (Becker) Dust

It amazes me how many people know about our issue with Edward L Becker of Tire City of Olathe/Independence. And it astounds me how many have a similar story to

Zero Turn Mower Buying Guide Grasshopper Mower Keister Equipment Repair


Your Guide to Buying a Zero Turn Mower

It’s been a long hard winter but the grass is growing and Spring has finally sprung. If you are in the market for a new mower this season, especially a

Lawn Mower Tune Up Discount Keister Equipment Repair Merriam KS Johnson County


It’s the Month of (Mower) Love

While you are planning gifts for your sweetheart this month, remember that your mower needs some love too. Take advantage of our slow period and get your machine in for

Holiday Sales at Keister Equipment Repair


Holiday Sales Are Happening Here

You know you’ve always wanted to give that one BIG best gift. The one with the big red bow. The one that can’t fit under the tree.   WE CAN

American Landmaster Dealer Keister Equipment Repair Merriam KS Johnson County


American LandMaster

The American LandMaster UTVs and FunKarts have landed! We are thrilled to announce that we are your Johnson County home of American Landmaster UTVs and Fun Karts. Now don’t get

Keister Equipment Repair Fall Zero Turn Sale Merriam KS Johnson County


Fall Savings Spectacular

It’s time to clear the floor of remaining 2018 inventory! We are planning our 2019 spring purchase order for the Grasshopper and Bob-Cat line of mowers and would love to

GrassFlap Operator Controlled Discharge Chute


Give a clap for a GrassFlap

We’ve all been there….blowing cut grass into your flower bed. Where weeds find a happy home. So you design your mowing paths around the yard, circling one way and then

Sad man with violin summer blow out sale


Summer Blowout Sale

Come make an offer! This has been the weirdest season. A non-existent spring where it was almost mid-April before we started cutting grass. To put that in perspective, the last

Angry Small Business Owner


This Is Never Acceptable Behavior

No. Just No. It is never ok to call a small business owner, especially a female, fat. Or annoying. Or accuse her of having fake teeth and a fake tan.

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Throwing money away


You shouldn’t buy a zero turn mower if….

…. your budget fits a model sold at Lowes or Home Depot. Stick with me here. We completely understand why you want to buy a zero turn. They are fun