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Summer Blowout Sale

Sad man with violin summer blow out sale

Posted by on July 17, 2018

Come make an offer!

This has been the weirdest season. A non-existent spring where it was almost mid-April before we started cutting grass.

To put that in perspective, the last 3 years, the grass started growing in mid-February. And then May came along and it was hot hot HOT! I believe second hottest May on record.

So essentially we had no spring. Which is normally the time folks consider replacing their old, tired lawn equipment with something new. And now we are at the mid-July point and it’s hot hot HOT but without the benefit of rain…so no one is mowing. And again, no one is considering a new piece of equipment.

And here I am….over here….with a lot of great zero turn mowers and blowers and trimmers and brush mowers to sell. (insert sad man playing a sad song on a tiny violin)


So, to move some of this stuff out of here before I have to pay it off, I’m making huge deals. Like seriously huge deals. I know my bottom dollar, come shoot me a number and we’ll see if we can come to a price that works for both of us. But let’s do this in person—no price shopping on the phone.



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DR Power AT4 Brush Mower Keister Equipment Repair







(Did I mention how great the deals are?)