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This Is Never Acceptable Behavior

Angry Small Business Owner

Posted by on July 10, 2018

No. Just No.

It is never ok to call a small business owner, especially a female, fat. Or annoying. Or accuse her of having fake teeth and a fake tan. Never. Nope.

People wonder why there are not very many small engine repair shops around any more….this is a prime example. People are not happy when their mowers break. And they don’t necessarily enjoy spending money to repair them. So often times we don’t see customers at their best. But no one deserves to have these types of messages left on the voicemail.

A little back story…we only sold him the belt, we didn’t install the belt nor inspect the pulleys to make sure they were in good condition. We supplied the customer with the correct belt based on the model and serial number information he provided.

Customer Call Friday, 6/29 at 7:30pm

There were 2 more messages that essentially said the same thing—with growing rancor. The customer was called the following morning and it was explained to his wife that the correct belt was provided and while we understand his frustration, we are not responsible for repairs he performed on his machine. I suggested to her that he inspect the pulleys to see if they were damaged and causing the belt to come off. When his wife asked if we had another belt they could purchase, it was explained to her that the belt they purchased was a SPECIAL ORDER and not a common belt I typically stock and I did not have another to sell to them.


Customer Call #1 Saturday, 6/30 10:08am

At this point it is not shocking to say that I didn’t care to see this customer ever again. So I called and left a message letting the customer know that he is not welcome back in the shop for future parts purchases or repairs.


Customer Call #2 12:25pm

Customer Call #3 12:32pm

Customer Call #4 12:37pm



And calling a few days later to apologize will never make up for the bad behavior.

Customer Call #5 Tuesday, 7/5 2:38pm


I stand by the belt that was sold to this customer. What I will NOT stand for is to be called names and belittled and insulted in my own business.

And my name is Lesli not Elizabeth, asshole!